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People: Amaia Salamanca, Ava Gardner, Billie Holiday, Brittany Murphy, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Javier Rey, Jerry Lewis, Juana Acosta, Leonardo DiCaprio, Marta Hazas, Miriam Giovanelli, Paula Echevarria, Rachel McAdams, Sammy Davis Jr.
Movies: Beauty And The Beast, Dorian Gray, The Edge Of Seventeen, Titanic, TOC TOC.
Television: Being Erica, Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, Chicago Fire, Cable Girls, Gilmore Girls, Maniac The Thick Of It, Velvet.


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Celebrities/Musicians: Christina Aguilera, Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, Eminem, Frank Sinatra, Jon Hamm, Sammy Davis Jr
Movies: Disney's Pocahontas, Titanic (1997)
Television: Being Erica, Breaking Bad, Gilmore Girls, Masters Of Sex


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Being Eria Nominations @ 2013 Canadian Screen Awards

This comm is deader than a doornail, but I thought I'd post these nominations, since they'll be the last ones the show gets, AFAIK. The awards will be televised on the CBC this Sunday, March 3rd, from 8-10 pm Eastern.

(Will add in links to the nominations page later, so as to not get stuck in the moderation spam folder)

Best Original Music Score for a Series
Being Erica - Dr. Erica
Trevor Yuile

Best Writing in a Dramatic Series - Sponsored by the Independent Production Fund
Being Erica - Dr. Erica
Jana Sinyor, Aaron Martin

Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role
Being Erica - Please, Please Tell Me How
Erin Karpluk

Best Performance in a Guest Role, Dramatic Series
Being Erica - Baby Mama
Lauren Collins

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It's a still from 4x10...

See anyone familiar?

Obviously the logical reason is footage being reused or something along those lines but I actually can't place an episode where they were wearing these outfits which makes this kind of weird??
Actor - Katee, Emo - Giglling, BSG - TV Guide Cover - Katee
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Interview - Sebastian Pigott and his Brother Oliver


A couple of weeks ago, we had the chance to interview Sebastian Pigott and his Brother Oliver during their tour in Europe. 
We talked about their music, their career and of course Being Erica. 

3xcusemyfrench: Let’s talk about Being Erica and your role as a rock star. How did you prepare the role? Was it easy or not because as you’re a musician, how difficult and how far are you from the character of Kai?

S: Well I think there’s certain parts of the character that I get for free, because I’m a musician. And then there’s other parts that were much harder, for example when I started playing the role of Kai I was 26 and he was 32. Even though he’s in a young man’s body, he’s older. And so that part of the character was very important to me and I had to figure out how, you know. What’s that like? How is that different from me? And so there’s only certain parts of myself I could use and then there where other parts- and also he was a drug addict, he was an opium addict which is of course completely foreign to me, I’m glad to say. So when I first started on the character he was a very different man from when I finished with the character. And in the beginning I had to work on what that struggle was like, and he was much darker and he was in need of help. And in many ways he was younger than me because he was so spoiled because he was a rock star and used to getting everything he wanted and he was in a really bad place. So, I played him as a cross between someone much older than me and someone much younger. You know, but in many ways… he’s me. He’s just some parts of me and not other parts you know?

Video and transcript here!