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Being Erica

Can You Really Go Back?

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A LiveJournal community for the Canadian TV show, "Being Erica"!

about being erica
"Being Erica" is a one-hour series that explores the life of Erica Strange, a woman who has been given an amazing gift: the opportunity to relive a regret from her past enabling her to make a positive change in the present. Erica's present is this: she is 32 years old, perpetually single and stuck in a series of dead-end jobs. Meanwhile, her friends are getting married, buying their first homes and climbing the corporate ladder, essentially leaving Erica in the dust.

It all comes to a head when Erica suffers a series of mishaps that land her in the hospital. There she encounters the mysterious and eccentric Dr. Tom -- a therapist who seems to know a little too much about her life. Even more bizarre, he offers to help fix her current woes -- IF she accepts a challenge.

Desperate for change, Erica provides Dr. Tom with a list of her life's greatest regrets, and unexpectedly finds herself sent back in time to her teenage years. Keeping full possession of her 32-year-old mind, Erica realizes she's been given the opportunity of a lifetime - to make different choices in her past that will ultimately reshape her present.

As Erica weaves in and out of the present and past, guided of course by the mysterious Dr. Tom, she gradually realizes that she needs to stop blaming her prior mistakes for her current predicaments and ultimately learn to take control of her destiny.
about the community
Community Creator: domaris68
Maintainers: poisonarrows, sometimescrazy

01. Every one is free to join the community and add news, spoilers, videos, icons, all you want!
02. Please give me some time to be able to make some graphics for the community.
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team_ash, a community dedicated to lovin' up on Ashley Greene (& company)
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